Coaching Services

Disoriented → Methodical

Are you growing fast and worried about the remote culture developing in your organisation?

Want to develop your culture and vibe with intention, but don’t know where to start?

I offer remote culture coaching for teams.

Out on a limb → Ready to roll

In a new role and want to grow your convening power with the help of an experienced leader and facilitator?

Want to get structured support on sociotechnical topics with a coach that can also advise? Want to facilitate and event, but want an outside expert help you make choices and get ready?

I offer 1:1 coaching packages.

1️⃣  Are you interested in improving your remote culture? Want 1:1 support to figure out what’s going on and what your team needs from you?

2️⃣. Facilitating an event and want help to design it? And get your head in the right place to lead it?

3️⃣  Know of my work, and want to connect to talk about yours?

I take on coaching clients based on fit and availability.


The first step is to hear from you → here.