Facilitation Jumpstart

😵  Disoriented by the number of unstructured remote meetings on your calendar?

😫  Does collaboration feel like a slog of miscommunication and frenzy?

😰  Do you get frazzled when things go off script, and struggle to steward group conversation toward outcomes?

Facilitation can help you cut through the noise to find the signal 📡


🧑‍🎓 ’Alix's framework for facilitation turned "Meetings" into manageable components that I actually felt I had agency over — and could think about addressing in systematic ways.’

Lead remote meetings that matter.

📝 Videos & exercises to develop your technique and take action.

💫 A community of likeminded peers to learn with and from.

💆 Optional group coaching for individuals, or cohorts for your whole team.


I have been facilitating remote meetings for 10 years, across sectors.

I use the same system, day after day, to design the right meeting for specific groups working to achieve specific outcomes.

No conversation is predictable, and few personality mixes are perfect. But I have a system that helps me adapt based on what emerges in a group, and support groups to make the most of each other to move important work forward.

No more wasting time, arranging meetings to cover a pile of things. No more fixating on a minute-by-minute agenda secretly nervous that things might go off script. No more stacking your calendar in the hopes that time together will get you somewhere.

Facilitation Jumpstart is my approach to facilitation distilled into a course of videos and exercises.

I built this course to work for you. You can make progress at your own pace and participate whenever suits your schedule.
The course is hosted within a community so you can hear how others put what they learn into practice, and learn with and from each other.
All I require of you is that you take action on what you’re learning and are open to sharing with and learning from others. If you’re up for that, then you’re in :)

This course is right for you if:

⭐️ You see facilitation as a lever you can pull, but you're unsure how

⭐️ You have spotted remote meeting & team dynamics and want to grow your skills to navigate them

⭐️ You want to take action now with a community of likeminded peers

By the end of this course you'll learn:

1️⃣ How to design effective meetings that are people-centered and outcome-oriented

2️⃣ How to manage remote space to generate energy and build alignment

3️⃣ How to manage your mind to stay calm and in control

Facilitation Jumpstart is re-launching Fall 2022


🌀 Interested in learning as a cohort with your team?

For teams that take Facilitation Jumpstart together, we host sessions for you to dig deeper into the facilitation challenges within your unique culture and mission.

Lead remote meetings that matter.

✅ A structured curriculum with videos of me breaking down my personal system

✅ Reflection prompts and exercises to put your learning into practice

✅ A community of likeminded peers working through the course alongside you

❓ Optional extra group coaching for individuals, or cohorts for your whole team.

What people say about working with me

🧑‍💻 I was really starting to feel some of the challenging aspects of remote work and remote meetings. Building momentum, getting traction, navigating big questions and reaching a decision -- but then somehow seeming to end back right where we started. Alix helped identify and analyze what exactly wasn't working and why, and had immediate, tangible ideas to try. Alix's framework for facilitation turned "Meetings" into manageable components that I actually felt I had agency over -- and could think about addressing in systematic ways. The other aspect that I found really valuable was a cohort of peers facing similar challenges and to be able to discuss openly about it together.

🧑‍🎨 I joined the course because I wanted to gain legitimacy as a facilitator, which is a role I have been organically playing for a few years. I honestly didn’t expect how big an impact the course would have on me. There’s something that has shifted in the way I hold the space and allow myself to not overthink and it’s really thanks to your guidance, the material, the coaching, the sharing… and it extends beyond facilitation. What a wonderful experience. Thank you again for letting me be a part of it!

🧙 Working with Alix has transformed the way I feel about initiating complex meetings. She has time and again demonstrated her capacity to curate thoughtful agendas, build trust among participants and manage complex interests, and funnel them into actionable, united outcomes. Alix is flexible and creative while facilitating, always ensures participants feel safe, respected and heard, and is an expert at surfacing tensions that need to be addressed. She is patient yet outcome-driven. Alix has eliminated the stress I used to feel organising meetings with complicated elements.