Remote Culture Club

Rewire your remote team in 6 weeks.

Remote work doesn’t have to be chaotic calendars, rushed relationships, and exploding inboxes.

If you do remote well, it can unlock energy, creativity, and focus for your team.

If you leave it unattended, it will slowly drain your investments of time and build up burnout in even the best teams.

You don’t have to figure all of this out alone.

Join the Club.

In 6 hours over 6 weeks, you’ll have a 90-day remote culture strategy for your team.

Our next cohort is in January. Drop your email and we’ll let you know when the time comes.

The course is structured for busy leaders and managers that want to get in, get out, and get going.

Is this for me?

Are you a leader or manager that wants dedicated space to learn, reflect, and plan?

If so, then remote culture might already be on your radar.

Your team is working really hard, but getting fewer results. Some of them are stressed out or worn out, and you can’t figure out how to help. Maybe you feel deflated and realise you kind of made up your remote work strategy as you went along. You’re confident it can be better, but it would take work.

And you aren’t sure where you would even start. If you don't do something soon, you know the problem will only get bigger.

This is really normal. A lot of us were pushed to remote by the pandemic, and never really had a chance to go from survival mode to a calmer, sustainable new normal.

If you’re ready to catch up, and get ahead, your team will thank you.

We can help take out the guesswork!

If you join the Club, you will:



Free up time

It can be tempting to structure your time using meetings. It’s a trap! That might work when you’re in the same office, but in a remote space that’s a ticket to calendar overload.

This course will help you refactor your calendar so you’re getting bang for meeting time buck.

Make the most of your team

Working with distributed, diverse teams brings a lot of unique expertise to the table. But it takes remote culture to bring these skills together – without intentional development of your practices, you will move an awful lot, but you won’t get very far.

This course will help you identify what’s tripping you up so you can turn talking into traction.

Re-establish your working relationships

Relationships are what makes work meaningful. To build relationships you need to know your colleagues: how they think and what they need to thrive. Remote-as-usual ways of getting to know each other are often stale icebreakers, and awkward ‘check-ins’ before you get to the ‘real work’.

This course will help you embed more natural ways of connecting with colleagues in your day-to-day and week-to-week.

Doing nothing isn’t an option.

There is no ‘right’ way to do remote. And it can be hard to know what will work for you.

Stop waiting for things to sort themselves out. They won’t. Think you have to do it alone? Think again!

If we join the club, then in just 6 weeks, you’ll learn all about building a remote culture strategy that works for you and your team. You’ll leave the program with a 90-day strategy to build a remote culture that matches your values and ambitions.

And you’ll be thanking yourself for putting in the time. You’ll be wasting less time in live calls that aren’t moving your work forward, you’ll be working saner hours regardless of time zone spread, and you’ll start seeing the signal in teh noise of online collaboration.


✅ You’ll break down what’s not working and identify levers for making changes using our frameworks

✅ You’ll get clearer, faster on what you need to do next by completing tried-and-tested structured exercises

✅ You’ll learn from real life successes and failures by working alongside peers in other organisations

✅ You’ll leave with a 90-day remote culture strategy that you can share with your team and get moving

❌ There is no one-size fits all approach because your team is different

❌ We won’t do the work for you - you know your people and your goals. You also need to build skills that can compound as you experiment.

❌ There is no technical solution. We have suggestions for tools that can aid better workflows, but the answer isn’t in the tech. Sorry not sorry!

Course Structure

What we’ll do together. 🚀

📚 Blitz School

In self-paced training and interactive lessons, you’ll learn how successful remote teams operate. In interactive exercises, you’ll reflect on how things are for you right now so you can build a path to a new normal.

🔮 Strategy Sessions

Work through your specific challenges and leave with clear actions to chart a new course for your team. Show up to these live sessions and we’ll get it done together.

Who you’ll meet. 😎

🤩 New Peers

Meet and work alongside peers tackling similar challenges, so you can all learn from real life successes (and failures). And hopefully you’ll pick up a few new friends in the process.

✨ Guest Experts

Remote work if full of challenges. A lot of them require in-depth expertise. We bring experts to work with you on questions like pay scales for a distributed teams, or trying to increase team connection without adding mandated ‘fun’.

Who are we to take you on this journey?


We are a team of facilitators, founders, and tinkerers. We love working with students and clients to figure out unique solutions to tough problems. We’ve also spent the past several years distilling remote culture expertise into teachable lessons and impactful exercises.

Our founder, Alix Dunn founded Remote Culture Club to help teams design the systems, habits, and shared agreements that drive results and healthy workplaces.

She started leading remote organisations 10 years ago. And she often felt lost. She struggled to keep track of who was doing what, who needed help, and who felt comfortable and connected in their day-to-day working relationships.

When she could feel when something wasn't working, it was never obvious what to do about it. It was hard to build shared systems of collaboration, stitch together technology, and find flow across time zones and work styles. She didn’t want others to do it alone, so she started the Club.


How much does it cost?

The course costs $1,497. We offer discounts for non-profit organisations. Just email hello@remotecultureclub.com.

Who is this for?

This course is for people who work in small teams and have some responsbility to make remote culture work. You could be a senior leader, team manager, people and culture staffer, or someone responsible for designing crossfunctional work.

This course is for people who want to learn, dig into the problems, and come out of these sessions with a plan.

Ahh I don’t have the time!

Fair! But rest assured, there is no better way to get more time back on your calendar than to improve your remote culture. Imagine if your calendar only held meetings that mattered? If your remote work was structured in a way that enabled for healthy work boundaries in any time zone? If you could figure out what was going on without having to ‘hop on a call’? If you’ve been waiting for things to sort themselves out, I have bad news. You have to actually do something. This is the thing!

What do we do in the live sessions?

When we come together in the live sessions we’ll work through an exercise, share ideas and perspective, and reflect on what we’re learning from the course and our team as we progress through the materials.

Do you work with teams?

Yes! We offer a full-team experience for teams that want to do this work together. If you would prefer to work on your own schedule and have a program of training built with your particular meeting culture in mind, email us here: hello@remotecultureclub.com.

How do I get started?

If you are waiting for the next available cohort, drop your email below and we will keep you up to date on the next course. We’ll also start sharing ideas and content to get you going. If you want to talk about a course within your organisation, email us at hello@remotecultureclub.com and we can build one on your own timeline.

My boss wants to know why they should pay for this course. What should I say?

You have two choices. 1. Tell her she should come along. 2.Let her know that at the end of this course you’ll have actionable steps for the team to take to increase the quality, efficiency, and connectedness of your remote teamwork. That progress is worth so much more than the price of entry.

Let’s go!

We know you’re busy. Put 6 hours of time in over 6 weeks. You will find ways to restructure your calendar, more efficiently collaborate, and develop shared rhythms that create traction for your team.

You will win that 6 hours back before the first week of the course is even over.

We’ll open enrolment in early January, but if you want us to email you to let you know when you can book in, drop your email below.

Our next cohort is in January. Drop your email and we’ll let you know when the time comes.

The course is structured for busy leaders and managers that want to get in, get out, and get going.