New Year, New You

Is fixing remote work on your back burner? Don’t let it catch fire.

We get it. Remote work is hard. And finding the time to talk about how it’s going is tough, let alone finding the energy to make changes…

The good news? The new year could be a fresh start for you.

We specialise in supporting mission-driven teams to build remote work practices that work for them. No one-size-fits-all cookie cutter approach over here, thank you very much.

The first step is our remote strategy workshop. We’ll get you moving in just 90-minutes.

So, book in now if you want to:

✅ Start the year off right.

✅ Start taking action.

✅ Set objectives for your remote work in 2023.

But keep in mind:

❌ This isn’t (just) about your tech stack. It’s about your culture, values, and mission. ❌ We can’t do it for you. ❌ You can’t do it alone!

Be one of the first two teams and it’s FREE. Before 5pm GMT December 16th, and get 60% off with the coupon code: 2023KABOOM

What others have said about our coaching support

The RCC team was a great resource and has a depth of knowledge. They helped us uncover truths about ourselves and how we work to help us think about how to interact with others across the organization.
The RCC course masterfully leverages knowledge, tools, self-reflections, and facilitated conversations to offer the perfect mix that gets you both to think critically and take immediate actions that can help your organization reach a fantastic remote work culture for everyone.
RCC gave us tangible frameworks and clear language to explain the challenges we had felt as a team but didn't know how to express to each other, let alone how to work on. The course feels like the first step in addressing these challenges to remote work and culture and making us a stronger team!

How does it work?

STEP ONE Confirm your spot, schedule your call, answer a few questions about your team, your 2022, and your work.
STEP TWO Join us for a 90-minute workshop and we’ll work with you one-on-one to to develop a 2023 plan for making changes in your remote work and culture. We’ll focus on getting you the three experiments you want to do in Q1 so you can hit the ground running.
STEP THREE Get going! We’ll help you translate what we discuss into next steps. We’ll share resources, and follow up to see how you’re doing.